Woman Has Maternity Shoot For Her Pregnant Foster Dog

Woman Has Maternity Shoot For Her Pregnant Foster Dog

Caitie is a dog foster mom in Houston, Texas.

“A foster dog means I take them in from the streets or kill shelters, get them up to date on vetting, heal them in many medical cases, and then they are adopted through a rescue,” she says. “I do not adopt them. Therefore, I foster them until they’re adopted.”

Her newest foster dog is Lily Mae, who happens to be pregnant. So, she decided to have a maternity photo shoot to encourage more people to foster animals.

“Two months ago, my brother-in-law found this amazing golden girl running on the streets. He took her in and spent the next month searching everywhere for an owner, thinking there’s no way this is a dumped dog. She wasn’t microchipped and an owner never came forward. His parents decided to take her in and keep her.”

“Fast forward a month, and her stomach just kept growing… They took her to the vet who confirmed she is pregnant with about 6 puppies. Based on how far along, they think she got pregnant just a few days before he saved her.”

“She will be staying with me to raise her babies. Once they are old enough, she will go back to her forever home. The puppies WILL be adoptable here in Houston when old enough!! Obviously, we have no idea what breed dad was but I will for sure do a DNA test once they’re born. As much as I hate that she is having this needless pregnancy, gotta say I’m excited for these babies!”

“Lily’s babies will all be adoptable through @chip_n_snip and to people within a 3 hour radius of Houston. If you want to donate to mama and her babies, you can donate to the rescue directly at paypal.me/chipnsnip or for item donations the Amazon wishlist is linked in my bio.”

Lily Mae had her puppies last night, Caitie wrote in a update.